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Satin Pillow covers (Zippered) Standard


Product Details

1.Satin Pillow Cover made from polyester/satin provides a durable, lustrous appearance and a resilient feel. In comparison to silk pillowcases, which must be cleaned professionally, satin is more robust and durable.
2. Satin pillowcases create less friction for your beautiful curly hairstyle and reduce hair breakage when compared to cotton pillowcases. No moisture will be absorbed by the product, which means your hair will remain shiny and vibrant once washed, perfect for curly hair. A satin pillowcase will protect your hair from tangles and frizz during the night.
3. Smooth and soft, It guarantees a good night’s sleep with stain-resistant properties.
4.ith its hidden zipper closure design, It stays securely on your pillow throughout the night. You can easily insert the pillow in the Satin pillowcases because of the opening on the side of the pillowcase and the long zipper. >  Great for naturally curly hair
>   Soft, less abrasive satin material pillowcase
>  Zipper closure holds pillowcase in place
>  Size: Standard
>  100% Satin