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White Pipe Cleaners


Product Details

1.Perfect for kids’ crafts and so much more, these Black Pipe Cleaners are an essential crafting tool! Keep a supply in your craft room. Adding a unique texture to your projects is easy with pipe cleaners.
2. Use this pack of Black Pipe Cleaners to get your kids started on their family projects.
3. By simply bending wires, you can generate unique shapes. The chenille stems can be used to make arms and legs for characters and animals, 3D papercraft decorations, and fun fake glasses.
4. Make sure your kids have glue, googly eyes, and more at hand to go craft crazy!
>  Length: 30cm (12 inches)
>   Thickness: 6mm
>  Easy to bend – just use your hands!
>  Can be glued, sewn and more
>  Perfect for kids’ crafts and more!