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Grey Satin Pillowcase (Zippered) Standard


Product Details

1.Are you still using cotton pillowcases? Get rid of it. Our Black Satin Pillowcase protects your hair from all that touches it while you sleep – that’s why you should use one when you sleep. The satin fabric reduces friction and frizz, allowing hair and skin to glide easily. Enjoy healthier hair when you wake up!
2. Hand wash (water temperature lower than 30°C / 86°F) (recommended).
3. Machine wash cold/gentle cycle or silk mode (in a mesh laundry bag).
4.Hang dry, do not twist or wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. >  Great for naturally curly hair
>   Soft, less abrasive satin material pillowcase
>  Zipper closure holds pillowcase in place
>  Size: Standard
>  100% Satin