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Pink Resistance Band


Product Details

1.Professional-grade exercise Blue Resistance Band is used by personal trainers, athletes, and Physical Therapists alike for low-impact, high reward exercises! It is made with high-grade latex and is constructed to maintain its elasticity after years of use. Use Rockholder Mini Loop Bands for strength, mobility, and stability training during full-body workouts and therapeutic exercises.
2. Get those buttocks looking better than ever! From banded squats to monster walks, clamshells, hip thrusts, glute bridges, leg raises, and kickbacks, It is the only piece of equipment you need to target your glutes and make your backside beautiful!
3. You will never get bored with these Mini Bands. Plus, they can fit into any workout routine you are already doing!
4.They are perfect for Insanity Asylum, CrossFit, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, and Running. Blue Resistance Band is the best loop band for athletes of any level, and their compactness makes them useful for home-gym-ers or athletes who travel often! >  Condition: Brand-new
>   Usage: Commercial Use, Home Use, Semi-Commercial Use
>  Size: Medium
>  Sport/Activity: Gym & Training, Weight Lifting, Yoga
>  Material: Latex
>  Indoor/Outdoor: Both